After a walk along the dry riverbed, which had its own austere beauty, my two lovely resident serpents whispered to me that the Fountain of Forgiveness was very near. They nudged me in the right direction, and I found a lovely shaded pool with a cacsading fountain of water. I sat by the pool for quite some time with my two companions, who lay on a warm rock that the sun struck as it penetrated the trees. I could not think of the person that most needed my forgiveness, and so was hesitant to drink from the fountain. I ate the delicious lunch that Cook packed for me and drowsed by the fountain. AFter a brief nap, I cupped my hands and drank from the fountain. Immediately I knew who needed my forgiveness and why. I pulled out my notebook and wrote a letter, which I folded into a tiny paper airplane. I stashed it in my bag for a later date, a day when I was near a cliff, so that it could be lifted on a rising thermal column and deliverd to the universe. The snakes formed themselves into a heart shape on the rock, which made me laugh. I walked back to the H of S along the dry riverbed, and caught sight of a serpentine path formed lazily in the air. As I gazed at it, a fish fell from the sky. I caught the poor thing, and took it back to the fountain, placing it gently in the pool. It swam away with a flash of gold.